PaperPlat is a knowledge based IT-company specialised in process simulation of the paper production process. PaperPlat performs independent process analysis for the paper industry based on research results from hundreds of scientific articles systematically wrapped in its detailed simulator PaperSim. The simulation projects of PaperPlat focus mainly on process and quality optimisations and also on bottleneck analysis.

PaperPlat has put together the highest class expertise in paper production process and numerical analysis, and is therefore proud to present the world's most detailed and flexible paper production simulator - PaperSim. Consequently, PaperSim makes available knowledge from different areas in the paper process in a systemic way and is easy to use in machine revamp, troubleshooting and optimisation.

Simulation Example with PaperSim

Simulation Example

The figure below shows the detailed results one obtains with PaperSim. The Packaging Greenhouse paper machine, Emma is shown in the background with superposed simulation results from PaperSim.

Simulation of Emma's two headboxes

The height (highly exaggerated) is the suspension height and the colours give concentration (blue is high and red low concentration). The simulation shows how the height diminished along the Fourdrinier section; increases when the secondary box adds a new ply and finally decreases again through the hybrid former. The regions with high concentrations show the individual openings at the dewatering elements. In the hybrid former they can be seen on the upper side, where the dewatering occurs in this forming unit.

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